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Academic Resource Center: Test and Exam Prep

4 Tips from The Guardian

  1. Don't mistake recognition for an ability to recall the information. Rereading or summarizing your textbook and notes may help for short-term memorizing but not for transferring. Continue testing until you can fully explain or answer the question.
  2. ­Plan and space your study sessions out over a number of days.
  3. Focus on and identify the information that you don't know well, not what you feel comfortable with already.
  4. Practice your test-taking skills by writing complete answers under exam conditions.

Adapted from The Guardian article entitled: "The way you're revising may let you down in exams - and here's why." and The KQED article entitled: "Why Teachers Should Help Students Learn Effective Study Strategies"

Exam Prep Tips from NSS

5 Steps to Active Study

  1. Group similar terms together, and write down one group of terms on a blank page. 
  2. Highlight those terms in your notebook, study outline or textbook.
  3. Self-test what you know about each term using bullet points and making connections.
  4. Expand your self-testing with information from your class notes and textbook.
  5. Above all, do not re-read as a study method. Self-test and be active with the information.