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Coding: For Beginners & Beyond: Hour of Code

Celebrate Hour of Code!

  The Hour of Code is a one-hour (or less!) introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. Learn more at,  and try an hour yourself!

 Our Hour of Code program took place on Monday December 5th, 2016, from 10am - 6pm in the library main reading room. 


Project: Microsoft Touch Develop

Help Bot conquer the Flatverse! Follow along as we show you the essentials to programming a game where it's eat or be eaten! #docs #tutorials #stepByStep

Project: Encryption - StudioCode Crack a Caesar Cypher

This tool lets you play with text and crack Caesar cyphers. You can use this either to encrypt a message or decrypt it.

Project: Hello Processing


What does it mean to write software to do the things that you often do with your hands, with paper, with pencil with paint? Could you use a computer to create drawings? To create animations? To create images?

Projects: Code Academy projects for Hour of Code

There's a lot to learn when it comes to coding. How do you know where to start? 
Don't worry, we've got you covered. We have something for everyone, whether you're new to coding, or a long time learner, explore the options below for #HourOfCode with #Codecademy.

Project: Text Compression with Aloe Blacc

Project: Solo Learn: Python 3 Tutorial

Learn Python in the most social and fun way, with SoloLearn!

Learn Python, one of today's most in-demand programming languages on-the-go, while playing, for FREE! Compete and collaborate with your fellow SoloLearners, while surfing through short lessons and fun quizzes. Practice writing Python code within the app, collect points, and show off your skills. 

When you complete the course, you'll win a Certificate of Completion as a trophy!

So don’t wait; dive right in! Start coding with Python!

Project: Hour of WEB Code from Khan Academy

Let's talk about the web, that thing you're using right now, and how to build it: 

Welcome to the web from Khan Academy.

Project: CodinGame Pod Race

In Arena Games, you code a bot that fights against other players' bots. Let's start with a pod race.The aim is to go through every check point as fast as possible. Ready?

Project: Khan Academy Introduction to SQL

SQL is useful for learning to query relational databases. Learn how to use SQL with this interactive course!