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Dr. Zibro | American Indian Removal Project

How to...

Citing Images

  • Figures is a broad category that includes photographs, paintings, drawings, maps, diagrams, charts, and graphs
  • Use the word Figure to refer to all images
  • All figures require a short caption
  • Place a caption under the image
  • The basic format of a Short Caption: Figure 1. Description of image/figure
  • Figures should be numbered sequentially

*For this assignment, include the citation for the figure in your bibliography


You will use endnotes for this project, not footnotes. In one Google Doc, you will have a Notes page for your endnotes (sources used in your Spark) and then you will each add your own Bibliography the Doc. Follow the directions below to create your Notes page for your endnotes and your Bibliography page. 


Creating your Notes and Bibliography page:

  1. Create a shared Google Doc for your sources
  2. Insert page numbers (top right corner)
  3. Type Notes (centered, normal font) at the top of the page
  4. Go to Sources page on NooleTools
  5. Select Options for the first source you used and select Footnote format
  6. Copy footnote (including space in front of the 1.)
  7. Paste footnote under Endnote (one space between Endnote and the first entry)
  8. Format endnote - change alignment from center to left, change font to Time New Roman, change font size to 12, make the spacing single spaced, and remove active link
  9. Delete the page number information if your source does not have a page number
  10. Add one space between each endnote
  11. Continue adding your endnotes and change the numbers to match your Spark
  12. Insert a page break
  13. At the top of the new page, add the Bibliography for the first group member
  14. Insert a page break
  15. At the top of the new page, add the Bibliography for the second group member


Adding your Notes and Bibliography page to your Spark

  1. In the Google Doc, click on Share
  2. Change to the Get Link option to Anyone 
  3. Click copy link
  4. Add a Button to your Spark
  5. Type Notes and Bibliography in the button text
  6. Paste the copied link in the second box
  7. Click Save

Step-by-step instructions for publishing your Spark:

  1. Click Share
  2. Publish and share link
  3. Category: Education
  4. Photo credits: All photo credits listed in the Bibliography.
  5. Select Embed
  6. Copy embedded code
  7. Email embedded code to Mrs. Zibro (

Tip Sheet | Images

Tip Sheet | Endnotes

Sample Notes & Bibliography Page