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AP U.S. History | Dr. Zibro: How to Cite Images and Illustrations

What You Need to Know

When you use graphics (photographs, charts, infographics, or other illustrations) in the body of your paper to help support your argument, cite them within the paper and do not include in the bibliography. 

  1. Insert your graphic as close to the text explaining its importance and reference it in parenthesis.
    EX: (fig. 1)

  2. Align the graphic to the left unless it is the full width of the paper. 
  3. Underneath the image or illustration number them in the order they appear in the paper.
    1. EX: Figure 1.
  4. Insert the footnote, single-spaced,  following that figure number under the graphic. 
  5. If you use NoodleTools, use the footnote citation following the figure number. You do not need to include the graphic in the bibliography, unless your teacher has asked that it be included.

How to Cite an Image