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Dr. Zibro | AP U.S. History: Create a Spark Webpage

Your Presentation

For your final project for this class, you will find nine images that are organized around a theme with an image for each of the nine time periods listed on the APUSH Study Guide linked above. Using Adobe Spark, you will create a presentation of images and supporting text to create a webpage with a unique URL. Try to be thoughtful in your analysis and creative in your presentation. The four tutorials below will help you create a project and show how to add images, text, videos, and links. I will be available to conference and provide support for your project. Click on the HELP DESK tab on the left of this guide to email me or make an appointment using Calendly. 

#1 | Before You Start: Get Organized

#3 | Add Images and Text

#5 | Add Endnotes and a Bibliography

#2 | Sign In to Adobe and Create a Spark Webpage

#4 | Add a Glideshow, Video, Link, and Publish Your Spark

#6 | Share the Link or Embed Code to Your Spark