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Hitler & Mussolini Images Project | Mrs. Houston: Instructions

Project Information


*Remember to copy and paste the citation provided by ImageQuest into NoodleTools (New Source - Database - Photo or Illustration - Quick cite: Copy & paste a citation). 

1. Go to

2. Follow their steps to create a free account using your Kent School e-mail and ANY password (it should not be your network password).

3. Check your Kent School e-mail account for a verification e-mail message, and click the link inside it to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you will have digital access on all devices with this logon.  You can download mobile apps by visiting if you wish.

4. Go to The New York Times online and log in with your Kent School account. 

Step-by-step instructions for setting up your Spark:

1. Go to the Adobe Spark homepage (Click the Adobe Spark tab on this guide)

2. Click Start Now or Sign In 

3. Use the Login with school account on the right side

4. Choose Continue with Google

5. Use your Kent school email

6. Select Enterprise ID

7. Create a project (upper right-hand corner)

8. Pick the Website option


Don't forget to watch Ms. Florio's tutorials for more information on Spark!

1. Create a new project

2. Name your project: Lastname Images Project

3. Check that citation style is set to Chicago

4. Share your project with the project inbox (Houston | Images Project - C/H Block Spring 2020)

Endnotes and Bibliography

  • You will use endnotes for this project, not footnotes.
  • Citations for images only need to be cited in your bibliography, not your endnotes.
  • In your Spark, you should label photos Image: Image Title.


How to put an image from a website into NoodleTools:

  • New Source - Website - Photo or Illustration
  • URL - Most recent date of access
  • Artist (photographer) - Type of image - Title of photograph (if there is no title, use a description) - Date created (this might just be the month and year or even just the year)

Creating your Endnotes and Bibliography page:

  • Open your project in NoodleTools and click on Sources
  • Select Print/Export to Google Docs from the Print/Export drop-down menu
  • With the cursor directly in front of Bibliography, insert a page break (Insert - Break - Page break)
  • Type Endnotes (centered, normal font) at the top of the new page
  • Go to Sources page on NooleTools
  • Select Options for the first source you used and select Footnote format
  • Copy footnote (including space in front of the 1.)
  • Paste footnote under Endnote (one space between Endnote and the first entry)
  • Format endnote - change alignment from center to left, change font to Time New Roman, change font size to 12, make the spacing single spaced, and remove active link
  • Delete the page number information if your source does not have a page number
  • Add one space between each endnote
  • Continue adding your endnotes and change the numbers to match your Spark

Adding your Endnotes and Bibliography to your Spark

  • In the Google Doc, click on Share
  • Change to the Get Link option to Anyone 
  • Click copy link
  • Add a Button to your Spark
  • Type Endnotes and Bibliography in the button text
  • Paste the copied link in the second box
  • Click Save
  • Click Share
  • Publish and share link
  • Category: Education
  • Photo credits: All photo credits listed in the Bibliography.
  • Select Embed
  • Copy embedded code
  • Email embedded code to Mrs. Zibro (