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Honors Biology | Mr. Houston: Instructions

Project Information

  • Click Share
  • Publish and share link
  • Category: Education
  • Photo credits: All photo credits listed on the References page.
  • Select Embed
  • Copy code
  • Email code to Mrs. Zibro (
  • Open your project in NoodleTools and click on Sources
  • Select Print/Export to Google Docs from the Print/Export drop-down menu
  • In the Google Doc, click on Share
  • Change to the Get Link option to Anyone 
  • Click copy link
  • Add a Button to your Spark
  • Type References in the button text
  • Paste the copied link in the second box
  • Click Save

In-text citations for information:

  • Open your project in NoodleTools and click Sources
  • Select Options on the far right for the source you are citing
  • Select In-text reference
  • Copy the parenthetical reference
  • Paste the parenthetical reference in your Spark in front of the period
  • Delete the page number information if there is no page number


  • Images will be listed on the References page, no need for an in-text citation. 
  • You can add a caption or title to the images you use in the Spark. 

Step-by-step instructions for setting up your Spark:

1. Go to the Adobe Spark homepage (Click the Adobe Spark tab on this guide)

2. Click Start Now or Sign In 

3. Use the Login with school account on the right side

4. Choose Continue with Google

5. Use your Kent school email

6. Select Enterprise ID

7. Create a project (upper right-hand corner)

8. Pick the Website option