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Campbell | "Pride and Prejudice" Project


The final essay for the winter term is a research paper on "Pride and Prejudice" that is grounded in a deep analysis of the text and utilizes one outside source.

Both the source and the topic need to be cleared with Ms. Campbell.

You can approach choosing the subject of your paper in a couple of different ways:

  • Think about a question you want to explore, which means starting by writing a prompt.
    • Example: How does clothing reveal character or personality? 
  • Or, think about a topic you want to explore, which might include:
    • The Economics of the Marriage Market
    • The roles and effects of class in the Regency era
    • Feminism and gender roles in the Regency era

Remember, your essay must be driven by an argument and supported by evidence, both from your outside source and close reading of the novel.

Elizabeth Bennet overhears Mr. Darcy at the Ball. Illustration by Hugh Thomson from an 1894 edition of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice.'