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Start with Background Information

These databases are a great place to start your research. We recommend starting with these two database sources: Credo Reference is a great start for finding background information, and Science in Context, which sorts results in categories, making it easier to find the type of information you need. ImageQuest has over four million rights-cleared images to use for all your assignments that require this type of media. 

General Reference Databases

Source Reference

Background/reference information to start your research.

Science In Context

Provides contextual information on hundreds of today's most significant science topics.

Pandemics: The Invisible Enemy

This text is well-supported by top-matter information, like dates and definitions. Dozens of photos supplement the content and a good number of charts and tables offer valuable statistics and helpful information.


ImageQuest is the most trusted and comprehensive, curated database of 3 Million images from 62 leading collections. This dynamic database is uniquely designed to meet the growing needs of educators, students, and explorers today, making it the perfect companion for bringing curricula to life.