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Summer Reading: Summer Reading 2021

Reading Requirements

Every student is required to read at least two books this summer: one assigned by form, which will be taught in English class at the start of the fall term, and one selection from the list of twelve titles below.* Most of these titles are available in Sora in ebook or audio format.

For the "choice" book, students will complete a response form by the end of August stating which title they read and answering a few questions.  The responses will be shared with all teachers, coaches and dorm parents before we return to school.

Some students will have additional summer assignments; these can be found on the portal.

* Please note that students in all levels of U.S. History should choose Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire, as that is one of their summer assignments.  

Reading by Form (grade year)

Each student must read the selection for their form year; of course you might enjoy reading some of the other selections as well!

All School Reading Choices - Pick One

When you've finished your chosen book, please complete this form which will be shared with teachers, coaches, and dorm parents.