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Contemporary Chinese History

Reference Databases

Reference or Tertiary Sources are a great place to start your research. These print or online encyclopedias may give you a broad overview of your topic and will help you identify search terms. This type of reference source will help you begin your research, but it should not be the foundation for a history research paper. 

Background Information | Databases

Source Reference
Background information to start your research.

Issues & Controversies
Build a deeper understanding of historical events

Modern World History
World history from the mid-15th century to the present.

World History
The ancient world to the present

Other Resources

The World Factbook

East Asian History


1. Major historical events that were impactful in modern Chinese history (1900-present); 9. Religions in China;
2. China's "One Child" policy; 10. China and athletics;
3. Chinese government structure and economic reform; 11. Internet use in China;
4. Housing and health reform; 12. Chinese traditional medicine;
5. Women's rights; 13. Chinese martial arts;
6. Chinese education system; 14. Chinese Feng Shui and architecture;
7. Chinese cuisines and cooking; 15. Chinese New Year and other major holidays
8. Chinese poetry and literature;