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How to Use This Guide

Welcome to the AP Environmental Science Research Guide created especially to help you conduct research for your APES research project. First, start by reading About Your APES Research Project below   .  Then click on each tab above  to find information and links to citation information for APA Style. Click on the red "NEED HELP?" tab on the left side of the guide to make a Zoom appointment or email Ms. Florio with any questions about researching your topic. 

About Your APES Research Project

Your APES research project has two components. First is developing a project/experiment that will generate your own data to examine the topic you have chosen to study. We'll work together to make a plan that is interesting, effective, and manageable in the time you have.

The second component is why you are here on this LibGuide page. Researching in the digital age is easier than ever. The challenge is not finding resources and information, but rather weeding through all the information you can find, and selecting the best information available.


A key aspect of finding quality information is using research journals whenever possible to provide the details and specifics you need to help understand your issue. Peer-reviewed journals are the best source as they have been thoroughly reviewed and edited for accuracy by others in the field and present the findings of an academic research team. They can be MUCH harder to read and understand.


You'll need to take your time in finding appropriate studies and sources. Read carefully to ensure you understand the conclusions reached and clarifying what they can add to your study. I ask you not just use Google/Yahoo to search, but dig into the databases available from the JGP Library to find higher quality sources.

In addition, please be diligent in tracking your sources used throughout this study. As the project will be months in the making, using a digital project manager like NoodleTools is a wonderful way to stay organized and on track. Please take full advantage of asking the librarians and student Research and Writing peer tutors for help (as well as me!).


Good luck!
Mr Klingebiel

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